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Brad Falchuk.

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Sean McNamara (Brad Falchuk)
Sean McNamara
Glee: Summer Break (Brad Falchuk)
Glee: Summer Break
Don Hoberman (Brad Falchuk)
Don Hoberman
Willkommen in Briarcliff (Brad Falchuk)
Willkommen in Briarcliff
Bitchcraft (Brad Falchuk)
Ohana Means Family (Brad Falchuk)
Ohana Means Family
Kyle Ainge (Brad Falchuk)
Kyle Ainge
Tommy Bolton (Brad Falchuk)
Tommy Bolton
Pilot (Brad Falchuk)
Merrill Bobolit (Brad Falchuk)
Merrill Bobolit

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Brad Falchuk Interview: Finding Success With Dyslexia

Brad Falchuk

Brad Falchuk is a successful writer, producer and director in Hollywood. He has worked on successful TV shows and movies, including Glee, American Horror Story and Nip/Tuck. But years ago, Brad Falchuk was a boy struggling with dyslexia, worrying that he would never live up to his parents’ expect...

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